Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Painful story behind Bane in Batman

Usually a film works have much success, but depends on the hero and the villain of the story, the image of the design and performance is certain evaluation elements. This year's most anticipated movie the Dark Knight Rises by Tom Hardy plays the villain Bane, although not as a Clown is so smart evil will Batman in the palm of your hand, but the pride and mocking mixed strange tone terrorists but to win the fans the tide certainly applause.
The film the Dark Knight Rises deleted portion of the lens for the first time exposure. Light, Tom Hardy successfully created destroyer Bane unmasked stills made its world debut, the nape of his neck was a long and deep scar, it reveals the change of Bane life and bring up the destroyer fatal scar. Bane is the image of the Oscar winning stylist Lindy - Hermione design, today, Lindy Hermione exposed the the Dark Knight Rises the savage plot, the majority is about Bane story. Now Bane mask for sale on online shops.
We can see that Ben is in young when seriously injured, so his image design is the most important aspect of his injured back. Even if he doesn't wear a bullet-proof vest, he still need to wear a harness and belt. In the prison scene, Ben studied Batman fight, when he tied belt. The belt has played a significant supporting role, but this isn't the only thing he 's wearing, he also brought a pair of terror oxygen mask. In the original film, Tom Hardy will be able to see combat and mocked fragment. His body tethered chains, standing on a log by people attack. In that moment, he was wearing tattered clothes, with the original mask. Including Bain why take the mask, the mask from why and come, I can't bear this torture, so these fragments from the released film was cut.
It seems, the Dark Knight Rises can take unauthorized biography, called Bane.
Bane mask for sale

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Assassin's Creed III has been improved a lot

Assassin's Creed III is a French company Ubisoft launched the 3D action adventure game series orthodox third generation works. Assassins creed 3 story set in the American continent in the late eighteenth Century. Game player will play called Connor of the assassin, in the war of independence of the United States of America throughout the adventure, and will experience all kinds of important events during the revolutionary period. It is reported, this uses a new game engine, can achieve 10 times before the war scenes, with the screen display the number reached 1000 scale. In addition this also adopted a new animation and expression system, as well as new scenes and action design. Assassins creed 3 scheduled for 2012 October in PC, PS3, XBOX360, Wii U and many other platforms.
Assassins creed 3 is not Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood. As part of this game released for the game of indiscriminate use, cause a lot of confusion of the two game player.
Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood and Assassin's Creed : Apocalypse is Assassin's Creed II story added, can be regarded as Assassin's Creed II legend, which together about the Master Assassin Ezio Auditore of the legendary life, and Assassin's Creed III is about American assassin a new story and Assassin's Creed cosplay costumes also become the big hit as well.
Assassin's Creed cosplay costumes

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Strong Personalities of Villain Bane

Bane is one of the most powerful enemy, he is on the top 100 comic and ranked 34 in IGN, why? Because he had broken the spine of Batman!
He had grown up in Pena Duro prison. Because his father was sentenced to life imprisonment.
In prison. In his urine every day in prison gym perspiration came down like raindrops, and have strong physique. He read more books, read good books, and under the condition of the prison that cruel, increased combat skills. He and the prison priest in learning knowledge, many years later, he personally killed him. He even claimed his first kill, is eight years old, he died a prisoner.
While in prison, he always carried a tactic bear, he called it the OSITO. And that it be his only friend. In fact, bear belly with a knife, Bane ready to use him to deal with bullies ...
He eventually became Pena Duro king of prison. The prison authorities later forced him to participate in the trial, he was injected with a drug called venom steroidsin to Bane mask. All experiments were dead. Only Bane adhere to live down, and get a super power. But he must every 12 hours with a single drug, otherwise he will be weak. His injection method is, the drug through a tube, injected directly into the brain.
Bane mask

Thursday, November 22, 2012

How could Batman affect the cosplay world

What's film? In simple terms, it makes dreams. However, in addition to the dream into reality as, sometimes tinged with blood. The United States of America local time on July 20th before dawn, Batman Begins 3: Rise of the Dark Knight in the United States of Colorado, Denver City premiere, the occurrence of malignant shot case, 12 people were killed. Did those people want to mimic villain Bane who is iconic is Bane mask in our mind?
Batman premiere shootings occurred after the United States, fly a flag at half-mast to mourn the victims. But facing an election, frankly, for that matter, the tone is: things will pass. But I always felt, for the movie itself, the matter is not so simple. Not should not go. Dreaming in the movie if in addition to dream, also created the reality, might have to adjust their own time.
In fact, the film caused by cases and more than Batman Begins this one, a website is arrange at least ten cinema events, including the Godfather, X men: the fight to win or die, Matrix and so on. These events include the audience to boycott, conflicting with the film itself, or even unrelated events. But the concern is the Matrix, the film caused by the facts of the crime is the hallmark of the series. Reported that, although the Matrix caused some of the violence did not occur in the cinema, the film series lasting influence, or shocking. In 2003, a 19 year old boy killed his parents, his lawyer says, this is because the teenager of 19 years old that he lives in the Matrix.
Why in the past and clear distinction between reality and dream, now began to blur, appeared even more unable to distinguish dream and reality? This caused the new meaning and the Internet world relations. That's probably the main reason why those cosplay costumes sales are so popular in our world.
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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mysterious woman thoughts in Batman

Generally speaking, Nolan's version of Catwoman is all about Catwoman movie most like a cat but isn't a cat woman, except by cat possessed the unconventional plot, Nolan put the Catwoman created as an intriguing woman. Although she also like other girl in black appears, but her black leather is not to show off the wild sexy Catwoman, but in order to meet her chameleon like character. Nolan under the lens of her just as a cat symbol, she also is also interesting personality whets Batman life has lost all colors.
However, this woman is not to talk about a love to be struck with fright, her appearances in the mission is for the villain Bain to verify the identity of Bruce Wayne. Then, Batman and Catwoman in you stole my a fingerprint. I save you in a time to kill of such an unequal relationship game gradually warming. In the affection that the relationship between the two step, take her to see her for her behind the boss Bane whose Bane mask is well-known by us, and then fell into Catwoman united Bane hoax, in this trap, Batman completed the original cartoon was only one time is defeated through situational reproduction.
No matter how repeated process, psychological more tangled, never a stranger car Catwoman finally sat on the Batman side, to achieve save brother Gotham City this noble mission, and the phrase it is not the car, this is the plane joke not only broke the story of Hollywood happy ending in the warm, also removes the mysterious Catwoman and doing various conjectures audience between the diaphragm. As the Lust Tang Wei finally said to Tony Leung that go, strained disguise self redemption always make people so carefree.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The villain Bane adorable idol type embarrassed Batman

The famous Hollywood super hero epic adventure Batman: The Dark Knight Rises has been released the 2D and 2DIMAX NTSC. The exposure of Chinese film making, uncover the mysterious veil of magnificent epic. In this special, cast not only to share their character result, also reveal a lot behind the scenes of rare known interesting tidbits.
Bane is an evil, in fact some far-fetched, because Tom Hardy plays Bane is from the outside to the inside. Black through the villain, though Bane design Tom Hadi handsome face almost completely covered up by Bane mask with voice changer, but he is a single by the face and eyes can convey Bane hysterical bad and hide the pain of the strength of the actors, light relies on these two things, is scary enough. Tom on screen bad make one's hair stand on end, the screen he was quite adorable, the first time in dressing room to see Baer in the clothes, Tom Hardy is 3 years old child, look as cheerful as a lark! Batman! People can not help but feel that the villain is a bit too adorable.
With the image of Bane in stark contrast, is slightly east face of young Hollywood icon Joseph Gordon Leavitt, in Batman: Rise of the Dark Knight , he played the role of detective John Brett is justice, in this vanity impetuous world, he can always stick to their ideals, firmly believe that their work is meaningful, Nolan said he is the most dark knight temperament of the Lightbringer, fans said it was one of the most talented, private Joseph, as director, company, understand the investment, ten all-around.
Tom Hardy

Monday, November 19, 2012

Batman and his Batman costume

Batman costume has been worn at all kinds of occasions, like at Halloween, community parties, cosplay parties, and it has also accepted by children. Its comic books have been solde all around the world. No matter where you are, you will look like a dynamic superhero when you are in the Batman costume. Whether you like old Batman comics, or Batman movies or mysterious figures created by the Dark Knight movie, it's fun to dress up as the characters.
Batman is a fictional playboy, industrialist and philanthropist Bruce Wayne. Seeking revenge the murder of his parents, Wayne adopted his physical, intellectual and financial strength, a bat, to help restore order in Gotham city. According to the different types of Batman stories you enjoy, the Batman costume style and supporting characters may change. His faithful companion, usually at his side, the Robin costume would make a great choice for friends. Or, if your friend is a bit crazy, he would be better suited to a funny costume.

Background of Bane and Tom Hardy

In the Dark Knight Rises, Bane brings death and angry terrorists, is of superior intelligence body tough evil leader, Bane had a miserable past, which also caused his twisted character. Bane mask with voice changer for his nervous system everfount to provide venom. In the comics, he has led to the paralysis of batman.
Bane mask
After Clown played the villain in last season is a challenge, but Tom Hardy's version of the Bane is a clown with distinct doughty part. The British actor, once in the Dream, Warriors, Bronson, Rock for excellent performance, is known as an outstanding representative of new hard-boiled. In real life, Tom Hardy is also a very gentleman. Since he played the villain character Bane, his image has been known by a great many of his fans.
Tom Hardy

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Batman has met some troubles in the United States before showing

A period of time before the the Dark Knight Rises shows scene shooting has not yet subsided, another wave of almost coming. According to foreign media reports, the United States of West Lake city in Ohio, the Dark Knight Rises show scene, we found an armed man. Although no casualties, but the police still be arrested, the house on Monday evening to be searched. The beginning of this film has already predicted something, like the vilain Bane mask would be a powerful enermy of Batman.
Bane mask
This incident happened in the United States on Saturday evening at ten Ohio West Lake city some cinema scene, was the manager of a man and his knapsack question. Then, the manager and an off duty police staff to the suspect and backpack searched. The results, they find a gun, bullet and knife. Although there are no shooting time, but the man was subsequently came to the city of West Lake police arrest. The house on a Monday to be searched.
At present, the man's name, his guns to reason and so on relevant information has not yet been police disclosed.
It is reported, the Dark Knight Rises has been identified in August 27th to introduce to China mainland, and extraordinary on the same day released as Spider-man.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Superman and Batman is the leader in Justice League

Superman believe many readers and audiences are most familiar with Superman 's parents, Jor-El and Lara deliver him to earth, is to save his life and that they have to destroy the planet Krypton (KR planets).
When Superman spaceship will fall on the earth's town of Smallville, was via the Kents found, and took him up. Clark extraterrestrial origin to his powerful abilities, and can absorb the energy of the sun. In order to conceal the identity, Clark in the metropolis Daily Planet work, and met journalist Louise. Once a person is immersed in the crisis, he would dress up in front of people. On the superhuman ability, different time, different versions of the story may have slightly different. But say, Superman collection of various abilities in a body, is a perfect image.
The beginning of " Justice League invited him to join it, he refused, the reason is no time, he later joined, but in an after action, Superman to recognize the ability of other people and their difference is too big, it is difficult to let other players play, not suitable for team cooperation. He decided to temporarily only as honorary members, only when necessary to assist.
Although have no super powers, but Superman don't like violence, always for the peace of the world and selfless dedication, so in thesuperhero character and prestige are quite high, also has become the Justice League delegate character and spiritual leader.
In the Dark Knight Rises, batman has shown his unique and powerful stunt and determination to protect the city, and against the powerful villain Bane and his team.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Batman is one of the richest characters

In fact, in all the famous comic book hero, Batman is one of the few no super powers, flesh is a mortal character, but he can almost and Superman racing together at the same level, is this why?
In addition to his enormous wealth to the Justice League to provide funds, Wayne smart and Batmobile, bat suit, bat dart and a variety of high-tech means nobody can the enemy, in addition, he also has a remarkable collection and analysis of information capacity, with excellent physical and fighting capacity.
In fact, Batman works a bit like an iron man, but the two character is not the same as. His enermy Bane has become a popular character with Bane mask. Batman is not the Justice League patriarch, begin invited him, he refused, but has been secretly watching their actions, and at a critical moment to insert in the guide, in other words, he is not Justice League members, he runs to refer to hand drawing foot. But his experience is rich, and understand their strengths and weaknesses, can effectively command, the maximum play to the advantages of each member. Of course, later, he joined the.
Actors: Bale is not conjecture
In 27 days this month released in mainland China on the Batman movie is played by Ghristian Bale, his Batman image obtained everybody's high degree of recognition, but unfortunately, in the film Justice League, Bale shows no interest for batman.
Bane mask

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Game and Animated version of Devil May Cry

The ghost, also known as the demon hunter Devil May Cry, by Japanese CAPCOM game development works. Is CAPCOM with Italy famous literary works Divine Comedy for inspiration and development of the classic action games, the game is full of dark Gothic style, in a battle with the rich and colorful weapons as the main characteristic, has been the industry as action game NO.1 Devil May Cry in the introduction of popular game player welcome, because its style back to approximately late 80's to early 90's 2D game style, at the same time the game joined 3D effects as well as some innovation style, the story line, excellent soundtrack these game elements, the series has since become take charge as chief of the game.

In 1998, CAPCOM launched the Resident Evil 3, served as the biochemical crisis 2 game supervision Shinya Hideki prepares to develop the latest Resident Evil 4, internal and intend to launch the biochemistry crisis series unauthorized biography gamebiochemistry crisis: Saint code, and by Sega under Nextech Corporation; D. So the game developers to Spain in search of various castles to design the game environment. Resident Evil 4 first edition came out, CAPCOM realized first edition in all respects with the previous biochemical crisis series of horror style have different. CAPCOM does not want to give up the biochemistry crisis series of horror style, also do not want to give up the first edition, and decided to create a Devil May Cry game series.
Animated version of Devil May Cry:
The animated version of Devil May Cry by the MADHOUSE is responsible for the production, and in June 14, 2008 started in WOWOW. Devil May Cry animated version of the story will revolve around the demon hunter Dante, Dante in a street in a business called Devil May Cry firm and Devil May Cry 3 costume is on sale, despite his skill is superb, but because want to leisurely pace and often break. One day, Dante took a little girl to escort mansion commissioned, but in the escort had countless demons advance wave upon wave hit, so Dante's demon work began.
Animated with a character of Devil May Cry, game in the heroine Tracy and lady will be on stage, in addition to such as the little girl Patti and other original characters. Responsible for the Devil May Cry the animation is produced DEATH NOTE, NANA, monster and King's daughter and other works of river door rocket MADHOUSE. The game in English, and the animated version of Devil May Cry main battle is Morikawa Toshiyuki.
Devil May Cry 3 costume

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Popularity roles of One Piece

On March 20, began to Tokyo will begin to display ONE PIECE exhibition to original image of the body feeling ONE PIECE", the author and music producer of this comic to explore the role of ONE PIECE.
Recently, the popular music producer for the upcoming ONE PIECE exhibition making music Panoramic experience, also to regard this as the opportunity, and the author to explore the role of oneself like. It is reported, music producer like One Piece, every week to buyJUMP, favorite role is he. Author said, "because he death scene before early decision, so I think in the plot and the drawing process, feelings of sadness also gradually disappeared!
For the writer, because of the need to advance the plot arrangement, can say such a feeling I'm afraid to also have no way. However, in the public conduct such speech, or hurt the feelings of the part of the reader. Someone said "white beard will die this matter is expected to, do not have necessary even he also die while wearing Monkey D Luffy costume" also someone says "it seems that this role is to eat lunch box to set" also someone says "if is a would have wanted to make people tears, let him with a bit more sensation they exchange ah, just light out say hello, and then out have been hanged, who would cry" "tail" field is very hate he? You see that kind of dead method, and young happens, "" before he said" one piece "of the characters not dead? So see true death feel very surprised, but didn't cry out" others said, "by the whole frozen ice people die, like black thorpe that ordinary people can die after big bang what of, result he's dead, let a person a little cannot accept".
But anyway, he lunch it seems never spit not to come out.
Monkey D Luffy costume

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Writer Bill Finger and his Batman

As Batman original comic writer, Bill Finger did not win any honours, which at the time was very common. In addition to rely on the Bill Finger of the script, Kaine also hired some anonymous shadow of the day. Although the details of these arrangements is only a guess, but at some point - perhaps as early as 1946 - Kaine and DC comic reached an agreement, that Kaine is Batman creator.
In 1966 launched the Batman TV show Kaine has brought huge profits, and made him famous small. Bill Finger wrote a script, but he didn't because Batman continued popularity and get nothing in return.
Finger 1965 in New York attended the session early comic book convention. Until then, his creation in Batman 's contribution to attract the public's attention. At the end of 1965, the comic book historian Jerry Bails in a non mainstream Enthusiast Magazine published an article entitled " if the case is entirely cleared. ", perhaps each plot has Finger shadow! Article, describing the Finger for the creation of Batman 's contribution. In response, Kaine in another fanzine refuted the Finger, claiming" I Bob Ken Batman is the only creator.
Finger died in 1974 at the time of his 60 birthday, from only a few weeks, he is Batman 's contribution has not been officially recognized, most comic outside still on the know nothing at all. Batman still has his own stage in film industry, the lastest film Dark Knight Rises has been another big hit, not only Batman, but Catwoman and Bane mask as well.
When Nobel Man began writing about the Finger 's picture book, he struggled to find relevant picture, so that the book illustrator Ty Templeton can be true to life likeness Finger drawings. Industry insiders told Nobel Man, the existing Finger photo only two pieces. He was also told that he has no living heirs, unable to accept him to create Batman's royalty. But in the book of Nobel Man is in the process of investigation, he found that the two argument is unfounded.
Norton knowledge online and Nobel Man had have an informal discussion, discuss the Finger 's life and legacy, and today the creative artist can learn from experience. The following is an edited transcript of the interview.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The hotspots of Dark Knight Rises

Fashionable Hollywood annual epic piece Batman: the Dark Knight Rises will visit the line of countrywide each courtyard and the mainland audience. In the man's world, Catwoman with its beautiful appearance and smooth and clean technology of airborne the superhero movie, Batman and Bane mask between the rather ambiguous interaction, the film infuse many female element.

Nolan under the lens of Catwoman, is like a mystery woman. She has a cat like a wasp waist buttocks, like cats and sensitive skill,
though less star temperament, but more hit woman taste. She can both in Batman to death, the brother Gotham City in crisis, can also and Batman fight hand in hand, to turn, turn back the powers of darkness. So can freely walk in between good and evil, Mianwucanshai, no fear, have to say, this strange woman in the world this one does not have a branch. Sometimes, she is a salvation feelings female of Bruce Wayne; some of the time, she is also doing unknown activities female version of bain. She is like a puzzle, you are ready to see her, she has a black go into the night, and then in a casual moment, she became the party that wearing a mask of charming and elegant girl.
The blurred personality is precisely the director Nolan to express, he not only in the classic characters and a high reliability, and easily won the audience favorite character by finding a balance between, but also for the Batman and Bain looking for a spiritual . Batman is an absolute justice to the dark knight, he has his simple justice -- black and white, Bain also has its own simple target, namely brother Gotham City to destroy Batman look. And she this role in the mist, is also evil, her own philosophy, in people's eyes is a concept to her is not to be worth a hair here, so a lot of time her behaviour, in the eyes of others is questioned.
From her subtilely mocking Batman Begins, to arouse a feeling between two people, from a relatively strange point of view, only the charm to reconcile the Catwoman grey temperament. But in the movie, was Catwoman appearance aroused Bruce Wayne silent for eight long years of the feelings of the world, she let Bruce Wayne's life full of color, evoking the Lost Hero survival consciousness, this point of view, Catwoman dark is also taking a dark character batman. Between the two subtle but be just perfect atmosphere of , a hotspot extremely.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Batman's unnamed father Bill took

In this year summer blockbuster Batman: Rise of the Dark Knight run-out honor line, the screen making the following slogan: adapted from Bob Ken creation of batman. A similar statement also appeared in every Batman movies, television series, video games and comic books. However, this argument is only the most speaking out half the facts. And his powerful villain Bane, he has been remembered by a great many of fans, especially the Batman Bane Mask which has been become his mark.
Batman Bane Mask
Batman two creator. One is Bob Kaine, he created the Batman the harvest of wealth and fame, and was subsequently identified as the sole creator of batman. Another is Bill finger, but he never obtained official recognition, never received any royalties. Author Mark Tel Nobel Man hopes to change that perception. His latest book Bill: the secret of Batman co-creator is the first of the finger 's books. Before Nobel Man published a similar about Superman creator Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster books, then he turned his attention to the next Comic Book Super Heroes: batman.
Following the huge success of Superman in 1938, DC comics then known as national periodical publishing company was searching for a subsequent super hero. At the end of 1938 on a Friday, DC comics editor Vin Sullivan finds Kaine to ask him for help. That weekend, Kaine finds his friend Finger to give advice and suggestions author.
As a result of Kaine at different times in Batman's image has different versions of the finger, and only in later life referred to himself in Batman's creation, therefore, on the Batman which is part of the who created the details are still not clear. The majority view is that Kaine created was wearing a red suit, with wings like birds or bats like the Batman of the original image. However, Nobel Man believes that Batman stories, most of the core elements are attributable to the finger: such as gray and black and white clothing, like a bat cowl, the Batmobile and Batman confront many of the wicked be riotous with colour. More importantly, the finger drafted first Batman story, and created the role of tragic origin.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Batman staged drama and suspense of exciting

Compared to The Avengers in iron man or the Hulk, Nolan's Batman Begins successful Batman into closer to the Greek myth of hero image.
In the final chapter, was forced to retire in 8 years of Batman, and have suffered a lot of pain, his body has a greater than before, in the case of be caught between two fires, Batman faces a disability, and always be trapped in the dilemma of not being understood, so when Bane mask becomes a major threat, probably for the first time in the history the audience for Batman, the fate of concern.
In The Dark Knight Rises, all the plot design is in accordance with the end of the direction of leave no room for, Nolan said, we tried to put all the elements into the film, the interpretation of I want to Batman characters in all aspects. I think this is a complete end, I also hope that resonate with the audience, because the most exciting but is, for the one you put the long story of closing down.
I in the production of the film is to have this feeling, I also sincerely hope that the audience will feel the same. That's entertainment works great, I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to the immortal legend finish. Ghristian Bale and Christopher Nolan had said that this is the last time cooperation Batman, so in order to advance to the end of their plot, make all the audience can see the terrified.
The film's ending, in contrary to expectation.
batman bane mask